50 ways to fundraise with Twitter
50 ways to fundraise with Twitter
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50 ways to fundraise with Twitter

by Howard Lake, UK Fundraising
June 2009
11 A4 pages colour (one front cover page, plus one half page with services/contact details)
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Twitter might now be three years old but many people and organisations in the UK did not become aware of it until the early months of 2009. Yet in the short time since then some charities and fundraisers have demonstrated remarkable creativity and adaptability in using it to raise funds, build support and spread their message.

The following 50 methods of using Twitter to fundraise are almost all based on actual activities by one or more charities from the period March 2008 to June 2009. They are designed to help your charity or organisation get the most out of its use of Twitter, and to inspire you to use it to support your fundraising further.

In the end, we’ve included 51 methods. There are just so many to choose from.

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