Funraising ideas
Funraising ideas
Funraising ideas
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Funraising ideas

by Gerry Beldon, 26-01 CIC
May 2009
20 pp
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These pages offer over 50 ways of raising money for your charity.

None of them are especially original or innovative, but all have been tried and tested.

The best fundraising event is the one you would enjoy : don’t fall into the trap of doing something you hate “because everyone else is doing it!” If you (or the organisers of the event) are not having fun, the event will fail.

Some of these ideas can be used by individuals: all of them can be used by small or large groups, and have been selected on the grounds that they are fun to organise, as well as fun to take part in.

If you don’t have a group of Friends for your Charity, why not use one of these ideas to get one going?

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