Key media contacts in the UK's fundraising sector
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Key media contacts in the UK's fundraising sector

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The UK voluntary sector has an annual income of £35.5 billion and expenditure of £32.8 billion (2007/08, NCVO Voluntary Sector Almanac 2010). If you include civil society organisations as a whole those figures rise to £157 billion and £147 billion. At the heart of much of this income generation are professional fundraisers, who, according to the same source, spend at least £4.1 billion a year on fundraising (voluntary sector only).

This document sets out how to reach many of these fundraisers, including senior fundraisers and decision makers. It is based on UK Fundraising’s 16 years experience in publishing online to the fundraising sector.

It covers:

  • print publications
  • websites
  • Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • blogs
  • Twitter

This isn't intended as a simple or even comprehensive list of media contacts: instead we guide you through what we consider are the key publications to target, the key online networks to reach, and some of the key individual influencers in the sector who use social media.

Together these publications, locations and people should help to get your fundraising product, service or other development noticed by a lot of the people that matter.

This document is designed for PR agencies or advisers at fundraising companies and agencies, and PR staff at charities.

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What purchasers say

"The document is really good .... reassuring in some parts (it matches our media research) and new information in others.  There’s nothing else available like this so a good purchase!"

Luan Wise
Marketing Manager, ONEPOST
12 January 2011

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