Which Marketing and Communications Opportunities Should you Choose?
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Which Marketing and Communications Opportunities Should you Choose?

by Kevin Baughen, Bottom Line Ideas
October 2009
A4 7pp (one cover page, one end page)

Deciding Which Marketing and Communications Opportunities to Choose

Press advertising, PR, direct mail, email, TV, radio, presentations and speeches, directories, websites, sponsorship, face to face meetings, telephone campaigning, talking with politicians twitter, Facebook…..

The list of communications options to choose from is seemingly endless and with many suppliers offering ‘fantastic deals’ it can be tempting to buy activities which might not be the best choice to support your goals. This worksheet is designed to help you see through the special offers and the often confusing number of opportunities to choose the right marketing and communications techniques and tools. It’s about making sure that what you do choose is designed to achieve your particular objectives, not because it’s the latest fad or cheap.

These tried and tested techniques are simple to use and equally applicable to the annual planning of your communications activity as well as to helping you choose whether to take up tactical ‘unbeatable deal’, or not.

Photo: Paul Stevenson on Flickr.com

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